What We Do

Charity Services Centers (CSC) is a law firm that is committed to solving community social challenges by bringing banks and nonprofits together. CSC believes in the value of nonprofits and we want to help your organization reach beyond ordinary approaches to access assistance to achieve greater impact.

Our mission is to work with local charitable organizations and identify their “inflection point” - a turning point that allows them to significantly increase their impact. 

Operating in several states around the country, CSC leverages the efforts of our growing network to support nonprofits in accomplishing more.

With over 200 banks and nonprofits around the country in our network, CSC supports banks and nonprofits in several ways:

  1. Our Impact Deposit Program matches community banks and nonprofits and provides an unrestricted quarterly donation to participating nonprofits that is based on account balances we have at banks.
  2. CSC facilitates strategic connections among nonprofits, funders and/or partners in our network. For example, by connecting organizations that are focused on foster youth issues, we are able to catalyze a movement for policy change.
  3. CSC provides financial investment and nonfinancial support in the form of social capital to select ventures that have a scalable model.