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About Us

At findCRA, we develop and deploy groundbreaking tools to achieve and empower partnerships between banks and nonprofits to optimize investment in, and outcomes of, the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). We've made it simple for banks to make data-driven, informed choices to build the best nonprofit relationships for their CRA goals and objectives. We simultaneously educate, equip and empower nonprofit organizations throughout the country to tell their CRA Story with confidence to interested banks.

Bank Services

Our primary service for banks is our proprietary online search tool available at As part of our search tool, we qualify nonprofits that are aligned with the CRA requirements and automatically create a nonprofit profile for each. Banks can instantly search by city, state, county or zip code; quickly see market statistics and filter results by CRA category. They can also view a list of all nonprofits in the searched geography, save individual nonprofits for review later or take a closer look at each. For every nonprofit, banks can review a detail profile that includes over 70 data points about the nonprofit including IRS information, activities, geocoding data and Census Bureau demographics. Bank users can request an introduction to nonprofits or send a personalized email in a single click.

For bankers, we also offer the opportunity to search for specific community need listings as well as personalized consulting services upon request.

Nonprofit Services

We are dedicated to equipping nonprofits with an understanding of Community Reinvestment Act requirements and the right tools to confidently start the vital bank relationship they need. We educate nonprofits to talk about their programs and highlight the ways they are ligned with CRA in helping their community thrive. We empower nonprofits to tell their CRA Story as they build lasting bank partnerships.

A nonprofit's first step is claiming their customized nonprofit profile for free. This enables the nonprofit to add important additional details like their mission, clients served and contact information.

Nonprofits can take it a step further by applying for CRA Certification. When certified, the nonprofit is provided personalized tools and resources to present to banks in their outreach efforts, including their CRA Story and CRA Strategy.

CRA Learning Center

To address the need for comprehensive education resources on CRA, we have created on one-of- a-kind online Learning Center, available for free.

The Knowledge Base includes a fully-searchable index of the CRA regulations, Interagency CRA Q&As, examination procedures and more. Additionally our community-based forums allow users to discuss CRA basics and community-building efforts.

We also curate the CRA Newswire that focuses on updates from eleven regulatory agencies as well as our own guidance and commentaries. We deliver these updates direct to your inbox each week with our CRA Monday Briefing.

All of this comes together to give banks and nonprofits access to a powerful, unique connection tool and resources that support and streamline community-building efforts.


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