Educate Tomorrow

Educate Tomorrow serves current and former foster care, homeless and similarly disadvantaged young people by striving to make education an attainable goal for even the most disadvantaged. Traditionally, this population has a severe deficiency in educational achievement, with less than 50% testing at or above grade level by the age of 17. This segment primarily consist of racial minorities living in high-need, high-risk neighborhoods, and attending low-achieving schools.

Educate Tomorrow's programs serves young adults by providing multi-year, goal-oriented academic and career coaching, intensive skill-building workshops and enrichment activities. Students who are in foster care, have aged out of foster care, or who meet requirements for Relative Guardianship Assistance or Adoption Assistance may be eligible for financial assistance for school-related expenses, through various states’ Educational Training Voucher programs. (More than a billion dollars of federal benefits go unclaimed each year.)  A strong supportive community that includes peer, professional and academic mentoring for foster youth is critical to their academic success.

CSC is supporting Educate Tomorrow to assess and pursue expansion of its programs to new regions. As an engaged investor, CSC is focusing expansion efforts for Educate Tomorrow in three regions where we have team members including San Francisco, San Antonio/Austin and Colorado’s Front Range. Educate Tomorrow’s mission is especially of interest to CSC’s founders because of their personal experience with foster youth.

Contact Lucinda for more information about CSC’s efforts with Education Tomorrow.


College Coaching Program

Educate Tomorrow at community colleges is a student support program for former or current foster youth, homeless, unaccompanied or disadvantaged students. The program ensures that eligible students receive the tuition benefits provided in their state and then offer academic support and mentoring services. ET creates a strong network of support, streamline academic and financial advising, and provides access to community services in order to increase academic progress and graduation rates.

In Miami, ET has graduated 41 students from college thanks to their college partners, Miami Dade College and Florida International University.